Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Book Review - Black Number Four

5 out of 5 Stars

Black Number Four

by Kandi Steiner

Black Number Four by Kandi Steiner is a book that can be described in so many ways. It is a laugh out loud funny book with so many wonderful one-liners that you can't keep track of them all. It is a tragic story of broken hearts and betrayal. It is a story of love that endures all. But most of all, Black Number Four is a classic love story that reads true to life like the pages right out of someone's diary. As sad as it could be (after reading the story and understanding what I mean by that) this story could actually possibly happen in real life. This is important to me because it means it isn't a far-fetched story that is so full of fantasy and removed from reality that it couldn't actually happen.  Yet again, Kandi Steiner has managed to write a story so full of life that it creates a world so real in your mind that you can picture the characters and all that is going on as if it is a movie in your mind. 

Skyler Thorne was a nobody - who has made a name for herself both in the poker world and in the collegiate world. She strives to earn enough money to cover herself for a good college education and also have enough to take care of her parents. A poker tournament at the end of the school year could do just that. 

Kip Jackson is a transfer student new to Palm South and makes friends quickly. His cute looks and those "nerdy" glasses are a quick attraction for Skyler. They have an instant connection from day one. When Skyler's Big Sister puts her up to a task, will it jeopardize all she wants?  Will Kip's father's life long dream stand in the way of Skylar's happiness?  Can all of the secrets that lay beneath the feelings they share shake what they truly have or is it enough?  Black Number Four takes you through an emotional year of college for both Skyler and Kip. Their ups and downs, caused by themselves and each other. A well written book by Stiener, keeps you involved in the book and glued to the pages. The reader is constantly involved in the story and the world that Steiner has created. 

This one is totally worth your time and energy!  A great read for this summer...if you can wait that long!

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