Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Book Review: Big Game: Hunted #1

4 out of 5 Stars

Big Game: Hunted #1
By Aden Lowe

This is a quick read that would be perfect for the beach or poolside!

Kate runs her family's ranch where they breed horses. She learned a long time ago, after a devastating accident, that her life wouldn't be like other's lives. She wasn't like other girls and would never be looked at like other girls. She gave up on the opportunity for love a long time ago. 

Jakob is military man who has a decision to make. Should he reenlist, or should he leave the military for other interests?  Jakob is hired by Kate to hunt a cougar on her property that is taking out her horses. Little did Kate know that while on the hunt, she would become the prey. 

Can Jakob keep his distance and stay focused on the job at hand?  Can Kate trust Jakob and what he says, or is he just like all the other men who try to get near her and take her land? Theirs is a love story you don't want to miss. How Jakob slowly works his way into Kate's heart and the realization that he may actually be falling for her are well written and true to life. This isn't just a made up story to enjoy. This reads like it could be a true love story that unfolds right before your eyes.  Well written and well paced, I look forward to what the following books hold for this series and theses characters!  I had heard a lot about this author before reading this book, and now I see what it was all about!

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