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Blog Tour and Review - Live For Today

"Lily looked over her shoulder and, seeing no one, began to relax. It was just her imagination. It had to be, didn’t it? She could not remember a time when she did not feel as though someone was watching her."

Live for Today 

Spring Island Trilogy #2

Sandra Steiner 

Lily looked over her shoulder and, seeing no one, began to relax. It was just her imagination. It had to be, didn’t it? She could not remember a time when she did not feel as though someone was watching her.

Sitting on the beach watching the calm water always seemed to help to ease the panic. The waves were gently lapping against the driftwood on the beach. The sound of the seagulls was soothing. The smell of the salty ocean air was comforting. So why couldn’t she just relax? Today, it did not seem to be working.

Last night the dreams had kept her awake through most of the night. If only she knew what they meant. She was so tired of them. They had plagued her for her entire life, as long as she could remember anyhow. Today was a day filled with questions, and she just wanted answers. All her life she had worked at blocking memories.
Maybe it was time for her to lay her past to rest. The idea of it terrified her, and she 
really wasn’t sure why. She wanted to move forward in her life; it was time.


4 out of 5 stars

Although this isn't typically the main genre I read, I found it to be a soul searching book. When Lily can't remember her past, and doesn't have any family around to ask, she goes out in search of who she truly is. Along the way, she makes a few new friends and learns that she has things in common with them. Even though she has had a good life, felt loved by adoptive parents, she just found her life to be lacking since she didn't know who she truly was or where she came from. 

Live For Today is a heartwarming story of finding what was lost. There were parts throughout that could've showed a little more emotion. It is hard to express the mundane day-to-day chores of life, but in a book they can also be skipped over. All in all, I found this book to be an easy read however I didn't find myself searching for the time in my day to sit down and read it. There are some unexpected turns in the story that kept me coming back, and of course I wanted to know what Lily found out about her past. It wasn't a bad book, but there are a few parts that could've been better developed. But, it was still a good read. 

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Lily made the drive out to the ferry’s loading area. There were ferries that went every couple of hours or so. As she waited in
 line for the ferry to take her to the mainland, her mind drifted to her dreams. She pulled out her dream journal and began to make notes about what she knew about her past. It was difficult at first to think about it. But it was necessary. She knew that now. She had been keeping the journal for a while now; the counsellor had suggested that it might highlight some of the recurring events and make things easier to figure out.
Her mother’s name: Andrea Gail Hayes Her father’s name: Tyson John Hayes The town she was born in: Rollingway Birthday: 28 August 1980
Birth name: Corina Lily Hayes; now uses Lily Gordon (adoptive family name)
Vague memories of: Forest?
.  Hiding in dark cupboard
She couldn’t remember much more, not yet at least.

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1.      Sandra went to the bar for the first time (legally) at the grand old age of 41.
2.      Sandra has two beautiful grandchildren.
3.      Sandra loves quotes!
4.      Sandra believes that by encouraging others to do their best, everyone succeeds.
5.      Sandra has three more novels in progress!
6.      Sandra loves to read all genres from erotica to young adult!
7.      Sandra believes in angels.
8.      Sandra loves connecting with readers, bloggers, and other authors.  Communication is very important to her.
9.      Sandra and her husband love long walks, and enjoy going to the movies!
10.  Sandra loves the beach and the ocean.

Meet the Cast

Cherish the Past (Spring Trilogy Book #1)


Angie sighed. A small smile began to form as she recalled the moments that led up to this incredible feeling. Life was good-no, life was amazing. It hadn't always been, but today at forty-six, it sure was. She had reached a good space in her life. She was content, in love, at peace with her past, and excited about her future. Tomorrow she was marrying her soul mate. She had nearly given up hoping she would find him.

He had actually prayed that she would find him before his birthday. Or so he said, and she had no reason not to believe him. As she sat on the beach watching the waves roll in, the memories of a lifetime came crashing in, reminding her to cherish the past . . .


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About the Author

Sandra Steiner relocated to Vancouver Island in 2010 to pursue a dream of living near the ocean.  She met her soul mate Cory in the spring of 2013 and a short six months later they were married. They combined lives, homes, children, and fur babies to create a life they both love.  They are both creative individuals and as Sandra writes, Cory composes music for an upcoming CD.

There are parallels in Sandra's writing and real life, that's true. However, the motive for writing her novels is to inspire her readers to be strong, independent women. Sandra believes if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. The novels are suitable for teen through adult readers. Both of Sandra's novels have been well received, and Cherish the Past has recently been awarded the gold seal of literary excellence!

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