Friday, August 22, 2014

BOOK REVIEW - Temporary

by Kim Carmichael
5 out of 5 Stars

Kim Carmichael has done it again. She has written another book in the Indelibly Marked series, yet it is entirely on its own. The characters are the same as the first book in the series, but the book centers around a new set this time - Emily and Ivan. Lindsay and Shane have married and Lindsay is now pregnant. Like many others, she has high blood pressure during her pregnancy and in order to keep her from going into early labor, everyone must do what they can to keep her calm. This means that Lindsay, Shane, and Carson are all taking off from Permanent and leaving it in the capable hands of Ivan and Emily. All is going well until a lawsuit lands in their laps. So as not to upset the pregnancy, Ivan and Emily take it upon themselves to handle the situation all on their own. 

Meanwhile, Ivan and Emily have been having a relationship of their own. Will their relationship be able to handle the stresses of the lawsuit and of working even closer together?  Can Emily pursue her own dreams of being a makeup artist, or will her career be put on hold?  How does Dillon play into all of this, or does he just run away and leave the family in the lurch....again?  All of these questions are expertly handled throughout the book. Carmichael does an excellent job of blending all of these lives and making the story not only realistic but believable. You could totally see this book being made into a movie or even a mini-series. Another book you can't put down!  If I didn't already have a few tattoos I'd be running out to get one myself....although I am considering what my next one should be!  ;) This series helps to remove the stigma of negativity from tattoos and stresses the artistic aspect of them. I am happy to say there is another book in the series coming out and there is a sneak peak of the first chapter for that one at the end of this book. I just can't wait until that one comes out!  Great work Kim Carmichael!  Keep it up!  I look forward to more of your work!

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