Wednesday, August 13, 2014



by Kim Carmichael
Book One - Indelibly Inked Series

5 out of 5 Stars

Lindsay Stevens is a accountant. She didn't want to work for her father's company and wanted to make it on her own. She needed a change in life so she boxed up one box and left home. Everything else in her life is new. New clothes, new dishes, new furniture, a new life. Because of a freak accident she met her new neighbors. Enter Shane Elliot. The epitome of a bad boy, he has a blue-black mohawk and is covered in tattoos.  He even owns a tattoo shop.  Shane lives with his brother and sister in Hollywood and they all work together. Soon, they bring Lindsay into their fold and she becomes one of them.  Yet, she is always wondering if she really is part of them, if they really want her, or is she going to be used and thrown away when they are done with her.  There could only be one reason they want her around - her expertise with numbers and taxes -right?  Or is it?  Has she actually found someone she can trust and give herself to- her heart, soul, and body- or will she just run back to Ohio with her family?

Kim Carmichael wrote a wonderful story here!  Quirky from the beginning with instances like bowing and becoming a knight in shining armor, just helps to add to the reading experience.  They help you understand the interpersonal interactions and the different personas of the characters.  It also helps you to instantly feel you are one of the group and actually involved in the book.  The story flows so easily, but isn't necessarily predictable.  In some instances you might think you know what is going to happen, but you have to see how they go about it.  There is a lot within this book.  There is passion, there is strength, there is weakness, there is love.  

I found it was not easy to put the book down and I would read it for hours on end.  I finished it rather quickly because of this, which only left me wanting for more!!!  I'm glad there is another book in the series, as I really like the style of writing that Carmichael does.  Each book in this series can stand alone, as each book is about a different couple.

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