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***BOOK REVIEW-Song Chaser***

***BOOK REVIEW - Song Chaser***

by Kandi Steiner
5 out of 5 Stars

The follow up novel to Tag Chaser (Book 1), Song Chaser is definitely worth it!  It picks up where Tag Chaser leaves off, with Tanner reeling from losing the girl who he thought was the love of his life, Paisley, to another man.  As Tanner learns his life lessons another girl walks into his life - Kellee.  She takes his life by storm, no nonsense and won't take his pick-up lines seriously (as cheesy and as cute as they may be).  A last minute decision for Kellee to join him on a trip home changes everything for them, forever.  

The story starts to change at this point.  It isn't your typical love story.  You actually find yourself pulling for Kellee and Tanner to make it, for them to get through anything.  When
Tanner makes a wrong move, and Kellee makes him leave, you actually find yourself thinking "why doesn't he get it?" and hoping he makes it right.  For once, someone saw Kellee for who she truly was, not who she thought she was after her mother left - who she perceived she was through her father's eyes.  And Kellee also saw Tanner for who he truly was - a caring and passionate person who is good at his job, finds music in everything, and is not just a pretty face who is good for a one-night-stand - like most girls do. 

The characters were easy to relate to for any reader.  They aren't your typical stereotype college student that you may read about who have gone completely wrong and lost it all.  
These have it together and are trying to make something of themselves.  For that, I give the author Kandi Steiner kudos. There are so many of those little moments that melt your heart - but I will let you find those on your own as you read. ;)  This is a well written book that easily flows and easily has you telling yourself that you are going to read just one more chapter, but just keep on reading!!  I am also happy to say that this book has a happily ever after and you aren't left waiting on another book to find out how it all ends. I look forward to what this author has in store for us in the future! 

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