Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Book 2 - The Alexa Reed Series

by Hilary Wynne

5 out of 5 Stars

Note: I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

Once again, Hilary Wynne has managed to draw us in to the world of Alexa Reed and Julian Bauer.  Hold On picks up where Book 1 - Stay, leaves off.  Everything seems to be just fine for the couple, good even.  Until something throws them off kilter. Things start to spiral out of control.  Then, you have to ask yourself, is love really enough?

Hilary Wynne draws you in in Stay and keeps you there for Hold On.  You fall in love with the characters from page one in book one, and only want the best for them.  Your heart breaks for them, soars with them.  You ride the gamut of emotions throughout Hold On, you could only imagine how Alexa would feel going through all of what she does.  You feel so raw at some points that you actually have to put the book down and come back later - which isn't always a bad
thing.  There is a lot of honesty in this book, which is also what Lexie needs.  Wynne does an amazing job of drawing the reader in and keeping you with the story and not letting you go.  The story of Alexa and Julian, however, isn't over.  Their story doesn't wrap up neatly and fit into the typical love story box.  Like life, their story goes on and has so much more to it.  

The reader can so easily become part of the story and lose them self in the story line.  Aside from Julian being a successful rich man (which isn't made that much of a big deal) this story line could actually happen to anyone - which makes it that much more believable. 

The only problem I have at this point...is waiting until the next book comes out.  :) 

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