Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review - Bridge of Hope

***Book Review - Bridge of Hope***

Note:  I was a beta reader for for this book and received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

5 out of 5 Stars

When I started this book, I honestly thought how can you read a book that you have pretty much already read just from a different person's point of view?  But, as I read, I began to understand. Bridge of Hope is told through Greg's thoughts and his point of view.  Sometimes brash and never filtered, as that is how Greg is, the reader gets the "other side" that we didn't get in Bridge Over the Atlantic.  

As I read Bridge Over the Atlantic I honestly found myself asking questions about what Greg did with his time while Mallory was out of town, or when she wasn't with him and he was on his own.  "Bridge of Hope" answers those questions.  And, just like the scene on the beach where Mallory and Greg said their goodbyes to their significant others, this book gives the reader one feeling in the end: closure. 

The reader will find the full range of emotions in this book, running from laughing out loud to sentimental tears.  You will find yourself feeling for Greg, pulling for him.  Although I essentially knew how the book would end, it was interesting to see how the author, Lisa J. Hobman, would write it so that it wasn't exactly like the first book.  Even though some of the same conversations were included (they were the best lines of the first book) others were summarized.  Hobman did an excellent job writing this book and I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to read a love story from a male's point of view.  **Note:I would strongly suggest reading Bridge Over the Atlantic first, as Bridge of Hope is the companion book. **

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